CSO Webinar - Communicating with Credibility

Event Description

Peer Facilitators:

  • Tomeika Bowden, DC Public Charter School Board  
  • Alex Medler, National Charter School Resource Center    
  • Maggie Meyers, Washington State Charter Schools Association  
  • Caroline Roemer, Louisiana Association of Public Charter

Description: Charter opponents frequently promote misinformation and take anecdotal problems and share them out of context. Charter schools can suffer enrollment, reputation and community engagement, political, and growth challenges due to misinformation. Charter support organizations are working to challenge misinformation, promoting their own proactive messaging and communication strategies, all while striving to protect their ability to credibly communicate about the need for quality and appropriate behavior in the sector. During this hour-long online chat, CSOs had the chance to connect and problem solve with peer communications experts to tackle the most persistent communications challenges.