CSO Master Class: Communications

Event Description

Purpose: In order to ensure that families and stakeholders understand what charter schools are, CSOs must ensure that they are proactively sharing factual information in their communities and correcting myths. This class empowered CSOs with the tools needed to help promote and support high-quality charter schools in their states.

The interactive sessions covered a wide range of communications topics, with a focus on how to implement a successful and sustainable communications strategy with any number of staff. CSO members left this session with a strong understanding of the various communications tactics they can use and how to decide which channels (email, social media, traditional media, etc.) should be engaged.

In addition to focusing on organizational communication strategy, this class provided a variety of examples of communications campaigns. In particular, a focus on communicating research and first-person stories of charter schools gave CSOs the tools to communicate the impact of charter schools in their states and communities.