New York Charter Schools

302 Charter Schools
147,345 Students in Charter Schools
1998 Year Legislation Passed

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Charter School Performance in New York Reports04 Oct, 2017 The New York City report provides an in-depth examination of the results for charter schools in New York City from 2011-12 to 2015-16.  “The results of our latest analysis show… Read more
Facility Access Process for New York City Charter Schools ToolkitsNew York City Charter School Center08 Oct, 2015 For the first time, state law now grants some NYC charter schools a right to public help in securing a school facility. Charter schools that are new, or adding grade levels, can… Read more
Charter Schools Versus Traditional Public Schools: Comparing the Level of Public Support In School Year 2014-15 ReportsMichael Pih, New York City Independent Budget Office23 Jul, 2015 In this IBO report, Charter Schools Versus Traditional Public Schools: Comparing the Level of Public Support In School Year 2014-15,  shows that charter schools receive… Read more
School Indicators for New York City Charter Schools 2013-2014 School Year ReportsRaymond Domanico, New York City Independent Budget Office01 Jul, 2015 In 2009, the state law granting the Mayor control of the New York City public school system was renewed. That renewal included a requirement that the New York City Independent… Read more
Pushed Out? Low-Performing Students and New York City Charter Schools ReportsMarcus Winters, Ph.D.01 Mar, 2015   The significant growth of charter schools in the United States has brought praise for the excellent results achieved by some schools as well as criticism that charter schools… Read more
How to Start a Charter School in New York ToolkitsNew York Charter Schools Association 18 Feb, 2015 Every state has its own specific laws detailing how to open a charter school. To find out more about the process in New York, click "view resource" above.
Comparing Student Attrition Rates at Charter Schools and Nearby Traditional Public Schools ReportsNew York City Independent Budget Office02 Feb, 2015 This report on New York City emphasizes that: On average, students at charter schools stay at their schools at a higher rate than students at nearby traditional public schools.… Read more
Struggling with special education, charter schools join together Chalkbeat29 Aug, 2014 Connecting charter schools with similar special education needs is the chief goal of the New York City Charter School Center’s Special Education Collaborative, which builds off of… Read more
The State of the NYC Charter School Center. ReportsNew York City Charter School Center29 Aug, 2014 Charter schools were created to change things. A bold and controversial concept when they came to New York City in 1999,charter schools have had remarkable success in creating… Read more
Charter Schools as Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, THE UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK29 Aug, 2014 New York’s Charter School Law provides that federal funds for services for students with disabilities flow from the school district of residence to charter schools, but is… Read more