New Jersey Charter Schools

111 Charter Schools
51,999 Students in Charter Schools
1996 Year Legislation Passed

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How to Start a Charter School in New Jersey ToolkitsNew Jersey Charter Schools Association18 Feb, 2015 Every state has its own specific laws detailing how to open a charter school. To find out more about the process in New Jersey, click "view resource" above.
The Charter School Facility Landscape in New Jersey ReportsThe New Jersey Charter Schools Association, the Colorado League of Charter Schools, and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools05 Jan, 2015 This report details the status of charter school facilities in New Jersey.
Charter School Facilities Initiative | Initial Findings from Twelve States ReportsCharter School Facilities Initiative28 Aug, 2014 Charter schools across the nation struggle with inadequate and costly facilities. Recognizing the need for accurate facilities-related data, the Colorado League of Charter… Read more
Charter School Performance in New Jersey ReportsCenter for Research on Education Outcomes27 Nov, 2012 This November 2012 report from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes focuses on the performance of New Jersey charter schools and provides comparisons with district… Read more
An Act Concerning Conversion of Certain Nonpublic Schools Into Charter Schools, New Jersey Reports02 Oct, 2012 This 2011 New Jersey law allows for high-performing nonpublic schools located in a failing school district to become a charter school.  The law defines a high-performing school as… Read more
New Jersey State Auditor Report on the Department of Education, Office of Charter Schools Reports29 May, 2012 This is the New Jersey State Auditor’s May 24, 2012, report on the state's Department of Education, Office of Charter Schools, covering July 2010 through February 2012. The audit… Read more
LEAP Academy University Charter School’s Performance-Based Compensation Program ReportsCenter for Educator Compensation Reform06 Apr, 2012 This case summary from the Center for Educator Compensation Reform focuses on the LEAP Academy University Charter School’s performance-based compensation program. The summary… Read more
NewSchools' City Fund Strategy Jim Peyser16 May, 2011 The National Charter School Resource Center and the U.S. Department of Education hosted a full-day conference in New Orleans on May 12, 2011, titled Transforming Urban Public… Read more
Insights into Alternative Certification: Initial Findings From a National Study Daniel C. Humphrey and Marjorie E. Wechsler, SRI International25 Apr, 2011 This 2007 article describes seven alternative certification programs in detail, drawing on interviews and document reviews. The seven programs are: Teacher Education Institute in… Read more