Connecticut Charter Schools

25 Charter Schools
10,433 Students in Charter Schools
1996 Year Legislation Passed

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On the Road to Better Accessibility, Autonomy, and Accountability: State Policy Analysis 2015 ReportsNational Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA)08 Dec, 2015 Across America, there is much debate about charter schools. Some of that debate is about the existence of charter schools and whether there should be more or fewer of them. More… Read more
The Policy Framework for Online Charter Schools Reports Center on Reinventing Public Education01 Oct, 2015 The National Study of Online Charter Schools offers a rigorous analysis of the operations of online charter schools, their policy environments, and their impacts on student… Read more
When Charter Schools and Non-Chartered Schools Work Together: A Grant to Encourage Collaboration 05 Apr, 2013 This April 2013 article provides highlights and lessons from discussions and presentations at a meeting of recipients of the U.S. Department of Education's Charter Schools Program… Read more
Achievement First: Developing A Teacher Performance Management System that Recognizes Excellence ReportsThe Aspen Institute Education & Society Program22 Mar, 2011 This March 2011 report from The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program provides an extensive description of the Achievement First charter school network’s system for… Read more
Hartford District-Charter Collaboration Compact 16 Dec, 2010 Hartford, Conn., was among nine cities across the country where leaders signed agreements to work on collaboration between charter and traditional schools as part of an initiative… Read more
Free to Lead: Autonomy In Highly Successful Charter Schools ReportsNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools / Public Impact 28 Apr, 2010 This April 2010 issue brief by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools investigates “autonomy in action” through case studies documenting the experience of five high-… Read more
The Approval Barrier to Suburban Charter Schools ReportsPushpam Jain01 Sep, 2002 This 2002 report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute focuses on conditions in four states that have influenced the development of charter schools in suburban communities. The… Read more
Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness in Charter Schools: Exploring Initiatives to Develop and Reward Excellent Teachers The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a webinar April 18, 2012, which explored the exemplary teacher evaluation system that has been developed at Achievement First… Read more